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Jan 31, 2014


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kevin coyne - poor swiner (peel session 31.01.74)
andre williams - I wanna be your favorite pair of pajamas
workshop - ver-suchter
bipolar gentlemen - art funkle
beatnik filmstars - rumpus throw
rivers run dry - a song of innocence and experience
cymande - getting it back

Jan 27, 2014


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yeah yeah noh - stealing in the name of the lord (peel session 27.01.86)
julia holter - celebration excerpt)
implodes - wendy
marcel kanche - untitled 5
andrew liles - the new york dolls
zdrastvootie - gone and here
our sleepless forest - nomads excerpt)
superpitcher -...

Jan 24, 2014


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capital letters - smokin' my ganja (peel session 24.01.79)
hector zazou - faim
she keeps bees - bones are tired
lydia lunch - dance of the dead children
patrick sciortino - l'eau dela
emily grantham - liquid drainer
kites - glitter raider in the hall of triumph
bérard - le train...

Jan 20, 2014


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james - are you ready (peel session 20.01.86)
mother of fire - grains of sand
precinct - 400
games - love canal
the hollies - postcard
maddox brother and rose - ugly and slouchy
mayol - c'est la valse du faubourg (1918)
birch book - les feuilles mortes
marianne dissard - am...

Jan 13, 2014


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cranebuilders - public space (live in groningen - peel show 13.01.04)
dino felipe - philosophy of the world
snakefinger - living in vain
neil young - revolution blues
jon byrer - deeper than blue
scumearth - rapaz
collins & harlan - yaaka hula hickey dula (1916)
ohsaurus - private...