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Jan 13, 2014


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cranebuilders - public space (live in groningen - peel show 13.01.04)
dino felipe - philosophy of the world
snakefinger - living in vain
neil young - revolution blues
jon byrer - deeper than blue
scumearth - rapaz
collins & harlan - yaaka hula hickey dula (1916)
ohsaurus - private landscape
the fall - printhead
arnold dreyblatt - next slide
the blenders - don't f*ck around with love
die form - bite of god
red hex - down in the dirt
arthur fields- the man behind the hammer and the plow (1917)
alain kan - falling in love again
tropic of cancer - court of devotion
la STPO - underground woman
rivals - don't say you're sorry again
the sound - jeopardy
serious drinking - love on the terraces
red lorry yellow lorry - silence (peel session 13.01.86)
visitez/visit so the wind... le blog.