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Sep 30, 2013


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the double - in the fog (peel session 30.09.04)
dante elephante - all the time
bobb trimble's flying spiders - armour of the shroud (Brooklyn 06/25/09) (feat. Gary War)
harangue - the engine
lil daggers - spiderlilly
heather leigh - outside voices
timmy jacks off - life after...

Sep 23, 2013


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dance fault - toys (peel session 23.09.82 rpt from 08.09.82)
log across the washer - of course said the horse
mohs - goin' home (new mexico suite)
chauchat - wizard of time
richard youngs - mountain of doom
aunt ange - down the rabbit hole
jali bakary konteh - sayaa

Sep 16, 2013


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si begg - entertainment (peel session 16.09.03)
cocteau twins - hazel
stiver - shine
andrew liles - 26-33 33 1/3
harappian night recordings - red eyes, noose and goad
pan american - for aiming at the stars
yellow swans - psychic secession
people press play - everything
the blue...

Sep 9, 2013


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the keys - from tense to loose to slack (peel session 09.09.03)
lee perry & upsetters - much smarter dub
cleaners from venus - in the kingdom of the cool
tadd dameron sextet - jahbero
danny guglielmi - jealous
nothing people - fatal planet
mij - never be free
beau delay - lost...

Sep 2, 2013


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blueskins - girl (peel session 02.09.03)
stephen david heitkotter - cadillac woman
geronimo! - forest city queen
cornell campbell - queen of the minstrel
jennifer lara - queen in my empire
elephant micah - marie's hair
mark eitzel - shine
last days - life support (excerpt)