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Jun 29, 2009

episode 157

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gnonnas pedro et ses dadjes - dadje von o non von

tafo - karye par (feat. nahid akhtar)

paul white - the composer's come back

the fresh & onlys - imaginary friend

snakefinger - don' lie

nicodemus - black sadie

johnny o'keefe - shake baby...

Jun 22, 2009

episode 156

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playlist detaillée prochainement

abdo dagher - sir richard bishop
cheikha rimitti - hot city
linton kwesi johnson - toad disco
alan vega - cold cave
william fowler collins
wareika hill sounds

visitez/visit so the wind... le...

Jun 15, 2009

episode 155

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the fresh & onlys - I saw him

ty segall - you should have never opened that door

wipers - let's go away

bob theil - one day, today or tomorrow

jeffrey novak - no one misses you
(a/b contac via mysp.)

tretetam - free astray

eddy current...

Jun 9, 2009


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En réponse à 30 questions...

the garçon select
antic clay clean blues
justus kohncke herz aus papier
hearts by darts oct. 3
origami arktika sterke nils doyr
glen johnson details not recorded

jeremy jay oh bright young things
eric metronome time to destroy
tisso lake...

Jun 1, 2009

episode 153

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the fifth order - thousand devils are chasing me

marc & the mambas - big louise

rod bernard - lawdy mis clawdy

john phillips - april anne

the third bardo - five years ahead of my time

shelley hirsch - on far reaches

sontiago - meg perry