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Aug 31, 2009

episode 166

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alan wilkis - pink & purple (jason sundstrom remix)

the units - work

magic kids - hey boy

ancient crux - in teen dreams

the charmers - little fool

sic alps - l. mansion

box elders - isabella

fergus & geronimo - tell it (in...

Aug 27, 2009

netlabl 026

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a "rack & ruin" special ou le survol de l'excellent catalogue de rack & ruin records

frost fraire - welcome
rrr 132

elm - the hook in your mouth
rrr 126

starstarstar - man hands
rrr 118

a serie of dark caves - something awkward this way comes
rrr 116

dublin duck dispensary -...

Aug 24, 2009

episode 165

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d.d.a.a - otez votre jeunesse

eyeless in gaza - star pool milky way

stuart busby - first steps

robyn hitchcock - do policemen sing

pangaea - router

alan wilkis - pink & amp; purple (tuck digz remix)

jahcoozi - changing time

Aug 21, 2009

netlabl 025

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koen park - hazel bird
acp 040 (acroplane)

sinobu katoono - with my books
with your books (low high who?)

orquestra popular de paio pires - paio pires - cacilhas (directo)
ca 262 (clinical archives)

menhirs of er grah - red roses
ca 201 (clinical archives)

odland - sur...

Aug 19, 2009

netlabl 024

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linda bjalla - calling from the sea
mi 115 (mimi)

arcticology - water
earman 087 (earth mantra recordings)

nagual art - niobe and the sea
jnn050 (cd1) (just not normal)

alexei rafiev & alexei borisov - tscar i bog
ca 225 (clinical archives)

d'incise - pluie sur mon jardin...