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Sep 2, 2013


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blueskins - girl (peel session 02.09.03)
stephen david heitkotter - cadillac woman
geronimo! - forest city queen
cornell campbell - queen of the minstrel
jennifer lara - queen in my empire
elephant micah - marie's hair
mark eitzel - shine
last days - life support (excerpt)
loney,dear - everything turns to you
yo la tengo - winter a go-go
le loup - planes like vultures
jerry moore - life is a constant journey home
deer tick - baltimore blues n°1
from barbara nero - a beautiful change
work unrest & play - ballad
philippe d'aram - fascination (excerpt)
shawn phillips - remedial interruption
starving weirdos - periods
witxes - the dance
algebra suicide - cerebral dance
allez allez - marathon dance
jandek - dance of death
cinerama - dance girl dance (peel session 02.09.99)

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