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Sep 23, 2013


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dance fault - toys (peel session 23.09.82 rpt from 08.09.82)
log across the washer - of course said the horse
mohs - goin' home (new mexico suite)
chauchat - wizard of time
richard youngs - mountain of doom
aunt ange - down the rabbit hole
jali bakary konteh - sayaa
eidolons - gordy
peaking lights - tiger eyes (laid back)
passenger peru - tiger lily
inca ore - baby tiger I went far away (excerpt)
lil daggers - spiderlilly
adult books - l.a. ghosts
art lord & the self-portraits - too many artists
hanali - five ten A
Ulithi Empress Yonaguni San - alpha
the courtneys - dead dog
the woolen men - temporary monument
cat party - reflection or illusion
low - will the night (peel session 23.09.99 rpt from 22.06.99)

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