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Jul 23, 2015


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quartier d'été 2/...

"Your choice is made
Go on go on
And disappear...
before They stop the clock"

the three johns - torpedo (peel session 23.07.1985)
male gaze - smog dawn
citizen - numb yourself
mr california and mr california band - my slut
delacave - four hundred meters
kryptic minds & leon switch - kontakt
protomartyr - ain't so simple
bone orchard - princess epilepsy
grant phabao & reggie stepper - I came, I saw I conquered
fofoulah - the clean up (rahas)
gag - bother
reverend horton heat - five-o ford
aunt ange - monks
mon doux saigneur - ici bas
the danse society - clock
the cure - inbetween days
the crossfires - pull top
hurula - det är ok om du glömmer mig
harvey's rabbit - lie so well (peel session 23.07.1994)
visitez/visit so the wind... le blog.