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Jun 20, 2014


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meanwhile, back in communist russia... - acid drops (peel session 20.06.2001)
al hibbler - nightfall
julie london - a nightingale can sing the blues
adam & the ants - puerto rican
the bolivians - spy in the house of love
the boys next door - I mistake myself
yabby you - conscious man dub
gordon, vin & the revolutionaries - cobra rock
rock failair - rock monsieur (1957)
cleavers - speak! speak!
nervous eaters - just head
purge the woods - over the shoulder
swell maps - blam! / full moon
s.s binns - bossa moon
marcia griffiths - let me hold you tight
gene vincent - in my dreams (20.06.1957)
kay bell - stand by me
george sanders - the very thought of you
henri decker - loin de vous (1957)
hello ocho - song gafe'
the house of love - don't turn blue (peel session 20.06.1988)
spoken words taken from "nightfall" by jacques tourneur

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