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Jan 30, 2012

photo zb

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arno m. - nos fantômes
grouper - vapor trails (a/b)
fursaxa - sunhead bowed (a/b)
arborea - black is the colour (a/b)
cleared no path to claim (a/b)
rowland s. howard - the golden age of bloodshed (a/b)
richard youngs - we are the messengers (a/b)
ilyas ahmed - skin in circles (a/b)
nate young -cast a circle (a/b)
drunk elk - into the morning light (inverted crux tape)
arno m. - clean
raising holy sparks - hanging on a star (a/b)
nick tosches - the dreambook of artemidorus (a/b)
songs of green pheasant - sad flowers (viva happiness) (a/b)

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