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Feb 12, 2007

episode 033

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jac berrocal & jack belsen - marie antoinette is not dead ou le requiem mauve
acheter/buy coilectif (rotorelief)

holland - auslan
holland ep (pocketclock)

belli cosi - gli anni migliori

morgen - of dreams
cf ordet blog acheter/buy (freak emporium)

sinmalo - please elvis
"je deviens somnifere" (off&green)

logical disorder -why cannot I exhale
spoilt puppets and emotional imbalances ep (nulogic)

oto efekt - see
living room ep (poni republic)

fulton lights - fire in the palm of my hand

boy name thor - that ditch my head
didn't die young

feu follet - le sourire de sonja
souvenir d'ermitage(silence is not empty)