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Feb 28, 2014


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psychedelic furs - soap commercial (peel session 28.02.80)
mv & ee - nodes
sunsquints - machu picchu
white stripes - suzy lee
tanit - eyes scream
ixvo-exvo - cd leroy says no to guns
jay cee hill - rompin' stompin' boogie
clifford brown - laura
diego hdez - blue gris

Feb 24, 2014


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biffy clyro - there's no such thing as a jaggy snake (peel session 24.02.04)
nick cave - wings off flies
dd/mm/yyyy - infinity skull cube
sophie's pigeons - stars and garters
n pairs - eighteen shakes
la donnas - counter unload
the db's - cycles per second
yolanda -...

Feb 19, 2014


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blithe - lying awake considering a move (peel session 19.02.94)
chris matthews & robot monkey orchestra - lie still, sleep becalmed
coil - s is for sleep
wah! - sleeppp
pantha du prince - seeds of sleep
altar k - ils dorment
good luck - sleep with no bad dreams
joe meek - not...

Feb 14, 2014


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peter ibbetson (excerpt)
caravan - the love in your eye (peel session 14.02.74)
leo ferré - l'amour fou
roxy music - love is the drug
art zoyd - something in love
lucien fugère - la ronde d'amour (1928)
steroid maximus - I will always love you (wild irish rose)
richard youngs -...

Feb 10, 2014


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the hells - johnny digs the devil (peel session 10.02.81)
the maniax - devil's home
gilles et julien - la bourrée du diable
anthony dares progress - devil
stereo total - diable
mistinguett - qui (1927)
camille sauvage - enferissimo
les fantômes - le diable en personne