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May 28, 2015


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"You're never too young or too old
When you're life is sold"

black roots - confusion (peel session 27.05.1981)
noel phillips - youth man
the buzzcocks - I don't know what to do with my life (peel session 28.05.1979)
the clash - career opportunities
magazine - my mind ain't so...

May 21, 2015


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the ruts - s.u.s (peel session 21.05.1979)
the babysitters - dancers, don't go
eyeless in gaza - ESP
geoff leigh - black metal twist
my friend fugu - summer dresses (normal stresses)
junior brammer - man stop fight a dance
simon matthewson - william burroughs
day creeper - get...

May 14, 2015


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"If I could I would change the world
But you know my visions they're absurd"

the passions - absentee (peel session 14.05.1980)
washington phillips - last words from a mother to her son
dave bixby - mother
kevin coyne - the only one
crime & the city solution - motherless child

May 7, 2015


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steel pulse - drug squad (peel session 07.05.1980)
specials - rat race
lene lovich - say when
former friend - buttercups
the apartments - no song no spell no madrigal
yang fan - autumn in your town
japan - the unconventional
cousin - china doll
sweatshop boys - special mood