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Jul 29, 2013


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michel gondry - eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (excerpt)
caroline martin & lianne hall - beautiful boy (peel session 05.08.04)
flamingo bay - serpentine
trumans water - no naked lights
SMZB - ten years rebellion
shesus - weapons of love destruction
m. gondry - eternal...

Jul 22, 2013


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guy maddin - the saddest music in the world (excerpts)
antihero - love will tear us apart (peel session 18.02.03)
teenage kicks - the way you make me feel
the dirty nil - game of pricks
alan vega - be bop a lula
cath carroll & steve albini - king creole
guy maddin - the saddest...

Jul 15, 2013


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p.t. anderson - punch-drunk love (excerpt)
half man half biscuit - the light at the end of the tunnel (is the light of a oncoming train) (peel session 03.09.02)
beau delay - sha-la-la-la won't save my soul
joy and dave - chahawki
islaja - ajanlaskun aatto
balmorhea - the...

Jul 8, 2013


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david lynch - mulholland drive (excerpt)
appliance - a little more information (peel session 07.08.01)
test house - final expenses (between my eyes a god)
uranium daughters - end of an egg
midnorth - loved like fall
the action - shadows and reflections
david lynch - mulholland...

Jul 1, 2013 years later


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wong kar wai - in the mood for love (excerpt v.f)
andre claveau - bon anniversaire (excerpt)
pluto monkey - joe meek (peel session 18.04.00)
joe meek - telstar
now wakes the sea - peak
the revival hour - run away
thee oh sees - flood's new light
wong kar wai...