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Mar 28, 2014


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riviera - pick up star (peel session 28.03.2001)
ray ventura - vive les bananes! (1936)
los dos hermanos - waste of time
anna - badman
volage - wall of smoke
kaviar special - sabadidon
travel check - la gravière
the madcaps - all I really wanna do
donnie brooks - the devil ain't...

Mar 24, 2014


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cop shoot cop - if tomorrow ever comes (peel session 24.03.91)
win OO - vocal song #1
for want of - the orchestrated decay of self sufficiency
michael yonkers with the blind shake - a little crazy
fugs - morning morning
the motifs - disillusion
the palisades - song you'll write

Mar 19, 2014


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raincoats - adventure close to home (peel session 19.03.79)
ray harlowe & gyp fox - go ahead and dance
five starcle men - our house is important
marc mundy - the tragic house
russ'n'paul - heart in the city
robert ravis - in my heart there is a garden
bill haley & four aces of...

Mar 14, 2014


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doom - a means to an end/ a dream to come true (peel session 14.03.89)
Gene Janas & Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut - ray gun I
jefre cantu ledesma - the last time i saw your face i thought it was a dying star
the gifted children - something's dead inside
david a. jaycock - half cut but...

Mar 10, 2014


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melvins - way of the world (peel session 10.03.74)
the missing season - the unwanted truth
physics of meaning - destiny reveals an unbelievable truth
the fall - trust in me
tolivar - never trust a girl with a curly smile
raoul moretti - j'aime les femmes (1933)
byron johnson -...