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Nov 27, 2006


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mexican institute of sound - bienvenidos a mi disco
acheter/buy (calabash)

the spy in the mes - small blonde freaky mother

reverie falls on all - a never wounded eye
("clouds in a room" as free download on the site click on discography)

the south jersey seashore life guards convention band - rescue mission/bank account

the floor is made of lava - do your sister

the shoebox bankers - it's cold out (dress warm)

hallelujah the hills - hallelujah the hills

the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers - ammunition for a bolt-action heart

your 33 black angels - town and country

the alcoholic lovers - I changed for you

madam robot and the lust brigade - the village

sioux city sarsaparilla - what happened next

hvor blev alle droemmene af - feelings dead at arrival

the ondt and the gracehoper - regrets

sound of a dead giraf - driving me insane

but his hands were tiny and so she said - are you one of those saviors