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Mar 1, 2024

s871- episode 871

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."
who cares...

samurai seven - it's different for girls (john peel session, 29.02.2000)
skyjelly - ma aftartu (spirit guide, 2023)
the body and dis fig - to walk a higher path (orchards of the future heaven, 2024)
half man half biscuit - nove on the sly (trouble over bridgewater, 2000)
frail body - refrain (artificial bouquet, 2024)
creation rebel - under pressure (hostile environment, 2023)
hederos & hellberg - heaven stood still (s/t, 2000)
kim gordon - I'm a man (the collective, 2024)
speedball baby - dangerous top (uptight!, 2000)
blair parkes - you just lift me up (old plastic, 2024)
blackmouth - the burn (s/t, 2000)
dawncore - there's nothing new under the black sun (we are young we scream ...just to feel alive, 2000)
mri - human patterns (rhytmogenesis, 2000)
yo la tengo - madeline (and then nothing turned itself inside-out, 2000)
laetitia sadier - une autre attente (rooting for love, 2024)
neko case - no need to cry (furnace room lullabye, 2000)
dead can dance - ocean (s/t, 1984)
issa bagayogo - diarabi (sya, 1998)
misty in roots - wanderer (john peel session, 29.02.1984)

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