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Jun 30, 2014


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the room - no dream (peel session 30.06.1982)
chin chin - dead life
mbaraka mwinsheshe - utanikondesha maria
the lo yo yo - I can hold my own hand
aztec camera - the boy wonders
86 - shade of black
the gadgets - we had no way of knowing
a popular history of signs - if she was a car
gun club - a devil in the woods
certain general - jack in the heart
close lobsters - pathetique
korafas - itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot, bikini amarillo (1960)
gene vincent - ain't that too much (30.06.1966)
go betweens - a bad debt follows you
crippled pilgrims - under the ladder
charlie chaplin - don't run
jah woosh - cleanse your heart
schlaflose nachte - forced labour
les cousins - kili watch (1960)
bauhaus - dark entries
cud - don't bank on it (peel session 30.06.1987)
spoken words taken from "seven thieves" by henry hathaway

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