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Feb 5, 2014


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modern eon - real hymn (peel session 05.02.81)
cold cave - love comes close
burial - raver
the groupies - primitive
clive field marshall - poor house rockers
fred gouin - les papillons de nuit (1925)
sonic youth - drunken butterfly
cleveland crochet - drunkard's dream
kristin hersh - three nights drunk
jg thirlwell - mississippi noir
keith hudson - troubles
leyland kirby - my dream contained a star (excerpt)
the caretaker - I feel as I might be vanishing
teho teardo - defenestrazioni
george olsen - always (05.02.1926)
now wakes the sea - o'lover
kathe green - I love you (though you're not here)
beru - compassion and love
yvonne george - toute une histoire (1926)
palace brothers - paula
arab strap - drug sng for paula
the crimea - lottery winners on acid (peel session 05.02.03)

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