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Jan 6, 2014


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pretty things - bridge of god (peel session 06.01.75)
dirty nil - game of pricks
pax nicholas and nettey family - you
shat shorts - when I die
lula cortes - satwa
led zeppelin - dancing days
albert farrington - it's a long, long way to tipperary (1914)
susan pillsbury - it's hard to be easy
g. lucas - american graffiti (excerpt)
shockwave riderz - young love
the dots and stops - life is a yellow pepper
big star - life is white
timmy jacks off - this is how I wanna die
dan w. quinn- at the fountain of youth (1915)
collie ryan - life is a merry go round
john martyn - solid air
reighnbeau - whittle
small sur - labor
igor wakhevitch - aurore
matt whipkey - (I) kind of want to die (tonight)
todd - alone
teho teardo & blixa bargeld - alone with the moon
bill holt - program ten part 5
gong - other side of the sky
a witness - the loud hailer song (peel session 06.01.86)
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