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Dec 27, 2013


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james taylor - carolina on my mind(peel show 27.12.70)
lou reed - caroline says II
miles davis - drad dog
knifight - fell in love (with a cyborg)
AMPDT - psycho rubber cybernetics (excerpt)
a certain ratio - tumba rumba
colin newman - not me
liliput - dc 10
yes I'm leaving - endless mind
omar faruk tekbilek - imaginary traveler
pierre alin - la legende des flots bleus (1908)
misty in roots - lifeboat
the mollies - float my boat
the bats - dancing as the boat goes down
mv & ee - when yer way gets dark
the dots and pops - pop in tha head
king tubby - false rumour version
mercadier - chanson des heures (1909)
alejandro jodorowsky - el agua viva
tyneham house - bletchingly
emily grantham - restful
patrick watson - mr tom
james taylor & joni mitchell - you can close your eyes(peel show 27.12.70)

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