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Apr 15, 2013


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wiseblood - 0-0 (where evil dwells) (excerpt)
d. cronenberg - videodrome (excerpt)
marc & the mambas - empty eyes (peel session 24.02.83)
jean guidoni - midi minuit (olympia 1983)
le reparateur - au cinema
center of the universe parabel #1
wolf feet - humans rewind
d. cronenberg - videodrome (excerpt)
geronimo! - brain congratulations
social atoms - social atoms
catholic spit - I'm your god now
the balcony stars - god's speed
blueskank - keep cool
d. cronenberg - videodrome (excerpt)
yolanda - I've got a star
blackfeet braves - cloud 9
DOWNSTAAIIRS - wish you had
reversing falls - curse this place
micah blue smaldone - time
d. cronenberg - videodrome (excerpts)
puberty wounds - the slow apocalypse
the palisades - rapture
the chameleons - a person isn't safe anywhere these days
blue skank - corrupted
the kayaks - moral compass
korean jeans - #3
cocteau twins - blind dumb deaf (peel session 31.01.83)
d. cronenberg - videodrome (excerpts)

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