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Jun 23, 2012

photo zb

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jean seberg, jp belmondo, à bout de souffle (excerpt)
nurse with wound - odd
safida ayub - gottem ni gottem
ornette coleman - badal
guy tréjan - le futur aux trousses (excerpt)
spherical objects - no man's land
thx 1138 (excerpt)
arthur russell - you and me both
rollin - viol du vampire (excerpt)
that ghost - open windows
bomis prendin - ny nightmare (excerpt)
cocorosie - bloody twins (excerpt)
brian mcbride - I know that you don't like the future like I do (excerpt)
magazine - twenty years ago (john peel session)
rollin - fiancée de dracula (excerpt)
swans - mind/body/light/sound
siglo xx - johnny go (excerpt)
antifamily - the love of an empathist is like an insect's (rustic nuisance/plastic knife)
rollin - fiancée de dracula (excerpt)
derek and the dominoes - laylah (excerpt)
p.i.l - socialist
falty dl - paradise lost
big blood - sleepin' time
les revenants (excerpt)
the caretaker - memory sixty one (excerpt)
the caretaker - false memory syndrome
d'incise - pluie sur mon jardin absent
kammerflimmer kollektief - mantra (excerpt)
cyrus gengras - free from pain
carl simmons - scotty guffy sings
alpha 60, eddie constantine - alphaville (excerpt)

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