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Oct 24, 2023

s857- episode 857

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

gunter schickert - tsunami (labyrinth, 2018)
william ryan fritch - husk (freeland, 2021)
cosey fanni tutti - cosmic static noise wasps (delia derbyshire : the myths and legendary tapes ost, 2022)
live skull - alive again (dangerous visions, 2020)
myriam gendron -go away from y window (ma délire songs of love lost and found, 2021)
cabane - îlôt part 3 (grande est la maison, 2020)
sote - arcane existence (majestic noise made in beautiful rotten iran, 2022)
galan/vogt - between the tides (the sweet wait, 2021)
horse temple - a name (arh abrabh, 2021)
olafur arnalds - back to the sky feat. JFDR (some kind of peace, 2020)
mick harris/martyn bates - the banks of fordie (murder ballads passages, 1997)
zaumne - sorcières feat YL Hooi(parfum 2023)
sinaive - metier de vivre(repetition, 2023)

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