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May 20, 2023

s855 - episode 855

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

jens lekman - do you remember the riots (when I said I wanted to be your dog, 2004)
emily reo - no don't (minha gatinha, 2009)
bleeding heart narrative - this is the world before this is (all that was missing we never have in this world, 2008)
cruel diagonals - lament (fractured whole, 2023)
ale hop - once upon a time (why is it they say a city like any city, 2022)
sinaive - métier de vivre (répétition, 2023)
thank you lord for satan - divine destiny (s/t, 2023)
emilie levienaise farrouch - tendrils (ravage - 2022)
alie - side B excerpt (whole, 2022)
kristin oppenheim - tap your shoes excerpt (voices fill my head, 2022)
belvoir - le serpent (nouvel anormal, 2022)
berrocal, epplay, david fenech - das leben ( (transcodex - 2022)
coil - an emergency (musick to play in the dark 2, )
kalme - die zeit (neue sprache, 2022)
brice randall bickford - fatal vision (paro, 2017)
black lips - lost angel (apocalypse love, 2022)
the notwist - exit strategy to myself (vertigo days, 2021)
iggy pop tarwater alva noto - as adam early in the morning / I am he that aches with love (leaves of grass, 2016)

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