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Aug 14, 2015


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"Why don't you just enter the night?
Why don't you just do what you like?"

dolly mixture - the locomotion (peel session 14.08.1979)
new fast automatic daffodils - purple haze (peel session 09.01.1990)
guana batz - train kept a rollin' (peel session 01.02.1984)
jonas jinx - something I learned today
owen grey - every beat of my heart
terry edwards - totally wired
phil wilson - god snaps his fingers
386 DX - california dreaming
loaded people - penelope tree
joah valley - I saw her standing there
les lionceaux - je suis fou
the fall - I can hear the grass grow
sonic youth - rowche ramble (peel session 19.10.1988)
mudhoney - halloween
napalm death - raging in hell
mo-dettes - paint it black
further - insight
color for shane - 100%
pet UFO - race the sun
napalm death - conform or die sob
element of crime - le vent nous portera
gravitacional - I know it's over
morrissey - that's entertainment
camera obscura - sun on his back (peel session 14.08.2001)
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