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Jun 25, 2015


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"You're never too young or too old
When you're life is sold"

half japanese - song of joy and love (peel session 25.06.1993)
louis armstrong hot five - the last time
sir richard bishop - pedro's last ride
the wedding present - getting nowhere fast
chuck berry - you can't catch me
françois de roubaix - dernier domicile connu
laura cantrell - 14th street
devolver - newly disappeared
norfolk and western - disappear
witch - disappear
peter coyle - where
the jacks - where?
marc mundy - I don't know where
johnny cash - where the soul of man never dies
the cavaliers - le ride du jugement dernier
gilbert bécaud - le jugement dernier
katie gately - last day
sam cooke - the last mile of the way
joyside - the last song for endless party
cabaret voltaire - black mask (peel session 25.06.1981)
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