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Jun 11, 2015


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"You're never too young or too old
When you're life is sold"

undertones - nine times out of ten (peel session 11.06.1979)
dead or alive - number eleven
gouton rouge - 11-18
mars - 11 000 volts
john martyn - don't want to know
spherical objects -lover flow
simple minds - film theme
mink deville - you just keep holding on
junior delgado - love won't come easy
fez the immigrant - let them talk
renaldo & clara - veueta
stanislas tohon - dja dja dja
paul leif nouvet - zig zag
the passage - 16 hours
the zorgs - table for three
sugar minott - dread dub
tapper zukie - rastaman skank
devo - space junk
siouxsie and the banshees - happy home
I 'm so hollow - I don't know
the wonder years - leavenhouse 11.30
trumans water - seven holes (peel session 11.06.1993)

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