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Apr 14, 2015


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"Dead man, dead man
When will you arise?"

boots for dancing - get up (peel session 14.04.1982)
brothers - inside, outside
wicca phase springs eternal - shut my eyes
lizard kisses - a teardrop on a rose
crashdiet - she's no angel
antoine reverb - hysterical documents
wonderfuls - thieves who dream
seth frightening - deliver
dr duloc - evil man
bill laswell - the old man of the mountain
soleil et chair - geronimo maybe
simon joyner - bring down goliath
prefab messiahs - weirdoz everywhere
pinkwash - cancer money
boduf songs - head of hollow-hill and mountaintop removal
louise kabuki - delicate culture de l'orchidée
girlsnames - katy skating
wah! - sleep (peel session 14.04.1981)

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