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Jan 19, 2015


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parce qu'il faut bien s'y remettre

little red duffle coats - mountains (peel session 07.01.1982)
simple minds - premonition
louise kabuki - possibilité d'une coincidence
elkkle - just fake never
olds sleeper - don't you worry
bim sherman - tribulation
prince douglas - hard times dub
sauna heat - got some love
grace jones - love is the drug
privacy/policy - observation
old lines - paint them in gold
fet.nat - caquette
jamie and the debt - little bully
cold storage - skokiaan
car boot vendors - an honest love song
tapeheads - got a caring love
orso jesenska - vivre en somme
pleasance house - my own partition
mighty mighty - yours truly (peel session 19.01.1987)
a witness - life the final frontier (peel session 19.01.1988)

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