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Feb 28, 2014


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psychedelic furs - soap commercial (peel session 28.02.80)
mv & ee - nodes
sunsquints - machu picchu
white stripes - suzy lee
tanit - eyes scream
ixvo-exvo - cd leroy says no to guns
jay cee hill - rompin' stompin' boogie
clifford brown - laura
diego hdez - blue gris
tiny tim - strawberry tea
zhou xuan - let me look at you
berthe sylva - passion (1931)
barry burst - when birds fly
mockingbird, wish me luck - pictures (too big to fit in a sight)
marilyn monroe - river of no return
girls of the golden west - by the grave of nobody's darling (28.02.1938)
widowspeak - limbs
trips and falls - you should really get yours
postcards - I died
florelle - la complainte de mackie (1931)
the caretaker - I feel as if I might be vanishing (excerpt)
laurie anderson - it's not the bullet that kills you (it's the hole)
little george sueref - one stop loving (peel session 28.02.02)
spoken words taken from russell rouse's 'fastest gun alive'

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