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Feb 10, 2014


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the hells - johnny digs the devil (peel session 10.02.81)
the maniax - devil's home
gilles et julien - la bourrée du diable
anthony dares progress - devil
stereo total - diable
mistinguett - qui (1927)
camille sauvage - enferissimo
les fantômes - le diable en personne
trespassers w. - le diable est anglaise
hugo montenegro - devil woman
pere ubu - hell
say hi to your mom - the forest scares the hell out of me
a whisper in the noise - hells half acres
the revival hour - eyed the beast
kessinger brothers - devil's dream (11.02.1928)
sex vid - gates of hell
the gun club - devil in the woods
frehel - l'obsédé (1927)
jacques thollot - watch devil go
don howland - (I am) in hell
timmy jacks off - help me I'm in hell
sister fleeta mitchell and Rev. Willie Mae Eberhard - satan, your kingdom must come down
julian cope - lunatic and fire-pistol (peel session 10.02.83)

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