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Dec 31, 2013


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bilan...(1è partie)

sandy denny - who knows where the time goes (peel session 25.09.73)
kim jung mi - wind
the yum dee days - in the good old bad days
bob marley - baby we got a date
w. friedkin - l'exorciste (excerpts)
nine days wonder - andromeda nomads
nick cave and the bad seeds - wide lovely eyes
bérard - fumeur d'opium (1910)
tony conrad with faust - from the side of man and womankind (excerpt)
takashi nishioka - hitori no honna
sly and the family - que sera sera
RP Boo - sentimental
kellee patterson - soul daddy (lady)
berard - trésor caché (1910)
les shleu shleu - diable la
chris youlden - nowhere road
fabrizio de andre - il bombarolo
marconi notaro - anthropologic II
r. fleischer - soleil vert (excerpt)
steely dan - razor boy
walter franco - patio dos loucos
gary higgins - I can't sleep at night
chapin sisters - sigh, cry, almost die
john cale - the endless plain of fortune
berard - l'ocean (1911)
w. friedkin - l'exorciste (excerpts)
aunt ange - lady by the window
burning spear - down by the riverside
judee sill - down where the valleys are low
zachary cale - unfeeling
roxy music - in every dream home a heartache
bernard lubat and his mad ducks - mickey schroeder's dream (excerpt)
berard - le clown (1910)
faust - the sad skinhead


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