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Oct 28, 2013


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stereolab - Op Hop Detonation (28.10.99 - from the Royal Court at Sound City Liverpool)
dro carey - kufi
dontDJ - auguste solo remix
blank realm - spider
gyron V - pale hands
girls names - diana fox
lewis reed - merry go round
the chameleons - a person isn't safe anywhere these days
cannon - everywhere
bad livers - lust for life
bugskull - squeeky bagpipe
seekersinternational - unsound bwoy
chania sisters - reke tuko kanwo
kalambiya brothers and sisters - mbie nuke
boys - bernard mickey wrangle
shat shorts - existential crisis
the sharpest - circus
zulu pearls - magic tricks
chapin sisters - cathy's clown
spyrals - disguise
kaleidoscope - the murder of lewis tollani
bridewell taxis - a face in the crowd (peel session 28.10.90)

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