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Apr 29, 2013


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david lynch - blue velvet (excerpt)
andrew berry - take what you please (peel session 01.10.86)
the balcony stars - kiss and make it better
ylang ylang - Si (?Infini-T )
boogie boy metal mouth - all I want
forsaken - love lost
david lynch - blue velvet (excerpts)
los vargitos - choco
black apple market - one of these
cyranq & phil emile - youcannotcutitillthegrasshasgrow
owl and the beast - living in a dream
lil kids - real eyes
david lynch - blue velvet (excerpt)
summer flake - talked me 'round
art lord & the self-portraits - (we're in the same) bubble baby
mitraillette - punch me in the face
drose - my face
CSSABA - dividing line
david lynch - blue velvet (excerpts)
derTANZ - the garden (excerpt)
the sinclair sinclair - dreamers of the dreams
blackfeet braves - vicious cycle
T H I N H Y M N S - black water
bernholz - in dreams
david lynch - blue velvet (excerpt)
whistle peak - universal numbers
antony & the johnsons - love letters (live at blacklips) (excerpt)
mighty mighty - one way (peel session 03.09.86)
david lynch - blue velvet (excerpt)

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