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Feb 18, 2013

photo zb

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t. haynes, I'm not there (excerpts)
j. mascis - feel like going home (peel session 28.11.02)
voix de w.s burroughs
holger hiller - jonny (du lump)
s. daldry, the hours (excerpt)
voix de c. bukowski
pete um - we princes
stegosaurus? yao chi liang
g. lucas, thx 1138 (excerpt)
Ǥ⁄Я⁄M̴⁄ΛΛϟ̝̞͙̫₭͇̪̭̇́ - crazy [boneheads]
t. haynes, I'm not there (excerpt)
aloonaluna - tunnel in the moon
liang yiyuan - night life from a house
c. marker, la jetée (excerpt)
j.l. godard, made in usa (excerpt)
mitraillette - city in a codeine haze
stalins garden - politique de minuit
drose - knuckle
t. haynes, I'm not there (excerpts)
re-tros - a death bed song
battle pope - cocaine yeehah muthafucka yeah
the ambulars - atonal eclipse of the heart
jm. ferreri, t. usuelli, dillinger est mort (excerpt)
jon mueller - death blues (excerpt)
kastrierte philosophen - hearbreak hotel
hoodoo - one hundred blues
t. haynes I'm not there (excerpts)
laughing clowns - eulogy?
just another snake cult - what was yr name,again?
pvc - twilight zone (excerpt)
s. daldry, the hours (excerpt)
cryme - blaze the world
jl. godard, alphaville (excerpt)
action 13 - active action
pete um - curtains (excerpt)
ikara colt - wake in the city (peel session 03.03.04)
t. haynes I'm not there (excerpt)

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