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Jan 28, 2013

photo zb

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numbers - dance attack (peel session 23.04.03)
crystal swells - harsh flux
eureka california - telephone tone
kal marks here it comes and now it's gone
chin yi - buan modail
Härmälän Mimosa ja Vihamielinen Pekka Nummi - kuusikorvessa
n. winding refn, drive (excerpt)
kangaroo court - it's not free
drose - my face
r. scott, blade runner (excerpt)
john peel voice 08.05.03 (excerpt)
soferno B - front line a do it
now wakes the sea - green grow the rashes
n. winding refn, drive (excerpt)
new pink floyd - testtest
bleeding knees club - "I" (Beat Connection Remix)
prince rama - so destroyed
radiator hospital - some distant moon
plumerai - trip
n. winding refn, drive (excerpt)
xiu - au noir
contre jour - a step forward
birdstriking - colored hearts
nat brower - if I were young
alicia is white trash - beyond repair
n. winding refn, drive (excerpts)
alec haavick friction alliance - instant death pt. 2 (excerpt)
j.l godard, j.seberg (excerpts)
j.tourneur cat people (excerpt)
j. rollin, le viol du vampire. (excerpt)
john peel voice 27.04.82 (excerpt)
upside drown - please believe me
jack scott - my king
husky - forever so
bauhaus - three shadows pt. 2 (peel session 12.04.82)
n. winding refn, drive (excerpt)

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