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Jan 14, 2013

photo zb

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agathocles - a start at least (peel session 07.05.97)
complainte de l'assassinat de la bergère d'ivry (j. faurez, histoires extraordinaires)
rural savage - straight to hell jazz
hotel alexis - sister ray
dream city film club - sarah in dreams
xiphiidae - milk from a feather (excerpt)
david sylvian, the heart knows better (excerpt)
r. hardy, the wicker man v.f (excerpts)
the undertones - the way girls talk
lizzy mercier descloux - milk sheik
singers & players - fit to survive (feat. bim sherman)
addis pablo - call of the righteous
leedian - hy
m. hellman, macadam à 2 voies v.f (excerpt)
antique brothers, clop'd visions (excerpt)
maggi payne - gamelan (excerpts)
r. hardy, the wicker man v.f (excerpts)
misty in roots - earth
orcas - until then (excerpts)
sandman - revolution
the better times - shit gets real
brazilian money - your ship is sinking
gene maltais - crazy baby
the hawketts - mardi gras mambo (excerpt)
r. hardy, the wicker man v.f (excerpts)
the fall - new puritan (peel session 24.09.1980)
le kraken - transfuge
benjamin dauer - anacrusis
alexei rafiev & alexei borisov - dom ogjna
j.rollin, les 2 orphelines vampires (excerpts)
max romeo - chase the devil
tjutjuna - desert song
r. hardy, the wicker man v.f (excerpts)

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