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Dec 3, 2012

photo zb

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jean rollin - fascination (excerpts)
earth the californian love dream - in the garden (peel session 20.01.04)
dead weight - nightwalking
the whoopass girls - the scott scharinger shuffle
leedian - tea
jb nelson - twisted
jean rollin, fascination (excerpt)
nathan ventura - cow boy of your dreaaamz
moon duo - sleepwalker
heaven's gate - jesus hair
deep earth - 'it stands our mother'
swans - the daughter brings the water
jean rollin, fascination (excerpt)
augustus pablo - jah say dub
screens - netherlandia
détective - I'd rather run
cinnamon aluminum - new couch
mox - otkryt' glaza
primitive motion - path of inconsequence (excerpt)
jean rollin, fascination (excerpts)
sarongs - hotel california
formica man - brutal women
crystal swells - harsh flux
extortion - cut in half
desert sharks - I can't catch my breath
lost boy - chew
pere ubu - free white
ub 40 - prince baldhead meets gymslip and the school girls at the chemist (peel session 25.01.82)
jean rollin, fascination (excerpts)
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