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Nov 12, 2012

photo zb

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monochrome set - noise (peel session 22.02.79)
ann peebles & the red dog band - do I need you (peel session 10.10.74)
the wedding present - so long, baby (peel session 16.04.94)
the users - I'm in love with today
moon duo - I been gone
the wickerman - v.f (excerpt)
the skids - the saints are coming (peel session 01.09.78)
nomeansno - stop it (peel session 25.05.88)
guai li - be cool
thx 1138 - v.f (excerpt)
slutever - no offense
low bow - she said what?
m. ferreri : dillinger est mort (excerpt)
countervalve - kings dethroned
multi-ego - end of me
funeral club - the weeping song
preludes - sleepy eye'd
j. rollin : les deux orphelines vampires (excerpt)
brute heart - somnambulist
the rest - could be sleeping
brother sun, sister moon - all you need
blindfolder - the end

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