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May 29, 2012

photo zb

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the emperors - searchin' all around the world
kitchen cynics - alchemus
african brothers - a still dub (excerpt)
the orchids - do it for yourself
african brothers - a still dub (excerpt)
don howlands - (I am in) hell (excerpt)
y music - a paper a pen a note to a friend (excerpt)
roy orbison - the crowd (excerpt)
glaxo babies - this is your life (excerpts)
vampire weekend - mansard roof (excerpt)
felt - sempiternal darkness (excerpt)
annie philippe - ticket de quai (excerpt)
king midas sound - dahlin' (excerpt)
roy orbison - in dreams
syd barrett - golden hair (excerpt)
donovan quinn - my wife
hey mother death you left me
marilyn monroe - anyone can see (excerpt)
brazzaville - rouge on pockmarked cheek bonus track
wentworth kersey - they say goodbye
the sneetches - behind the shadow
bob dylan - man in me (excerpt)
the caretaker - memory thirty two
étant donnés - force de l'amour (excerpt)
percy howard, charles hayward, fred frith, bill laswell - interference
jeffrey lee pierce - wildweed
current 93 - sad go round (excerpt)
the churchills - where you're gone
sonic youth - I'm insane (excerpt)
rema rema - fond affections

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