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Aug 23, 2007


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arzt & pfusch - cthullhu supermarket
S.I.C.K, (distorted monkeys)

ping pong parrot - typewriter resonance
scattershot bill's 7 days safari (umor_rex)

sprog - victory revenge
mental circus, (far from showbiz)

rdi:crucifixion project - twisted fantasy
salvation disorder n°1, (frigida rec.)

leon somov feat. jazzu - without you
offline EP (sutemos)

hunz - draw the line
v.a:debut (hellven)

devedonderen - siaebi
densiz deve kuyrugu, (sahipsizinSesi)

nole plastique - collaged flowers and big round knobs (with Love Fine)
four naked flowers, (audio tong)

zolotu - tainted love
v.a : coil tribute (electrosound)

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