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Jan 29, 2010

netlabl 032

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zmitser von holzmann - ladybird
zimmer049 (zimmer records)

dustmotes - attrition 2
ps012 (publicspaceslab)

karolis burzinskas - andromeda
foot130 (bump foot)

makunouchi bento - return to avebell
arh 031 (arhiva)

maudlin of the well - excerpt from 6,000,000,000,000 miles before the first, or, the revisitation of the blue ghost
part the second

carl sagan's ghost - submersive technique
colonial spa ep (luxus arctica)

funkenstrom - how to survive above the clouds
sm020 (symbiont)

ryko & patryk molinari - set free (ryko)
alw 024 (auflegware)

Zoe.LeelA - destroy she says
queendom come (rec72)

gillicudy - sh-dah
ca350 (clinical archives)

stefano ferrian - drive me to paranoia
ca353 (clinical archives)

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fourteen and a half years ago

yeah wonderful mix of this podcast. High Quality music, and so many styles, it\'s like a journey. Thx for this compilation..