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Aug 27, 2009

netlabl 026

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a "rack & ruin" special ou le survol de l'excellent catalogue de rack & ruin records

frost fraire - welcome
rrr 132

elm - the hook in your mouth
rrr 126

starstarstar - man hands
rrr 118

a serie of dark caves - something awkward this way comes
rrr 116

dublin duck dispensary - little world outside
rrr 124

chimney fish - nebula
rrr 136

narwhal mountain - this is
rrr 058

woodland heights - fireflies
rrr 110

andy's airport of love - nightlight
rrr 122

american del sur - I don't know you and we're not friends
rrr 064

violet hour - submarine
rrr 076

jason the swamp - I was born
rrr 128

dean woods - could u believe?
rrr 138

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fourteen and a half years ago

Thank you so much for your support, I\'m glad that you\'re liking what we\'re doing!

Rack & Ruin