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Jan 7, 2024

s862- episode 862

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

earth the californian love dream - in the garden (john peel session, 20.01.2004)
sluts of trust - meanwhile in rocksville (we are all..., 2004)
sonic youth - stones (sonic nurse, 2004)
house of love - the beatles and the stones (s/t, 1990)
patti smith - my blakean year (trampin', 2004)
loretta lynn - family tree (van lear rose, 2004)
jens lekman - rocky dennis in heaven (rocky dennis ep, 2004)
stina nordenstam - the morning belongs to the night (the world is saved, 2004)
petit vodo - sunset (little big pig with a pink lonely heart, 2004)
dorothy's magic bag - tony blair witch project (trade and distribution almanac 2, 2004)
natural snow buildings - dark side of behaviourism (the winter ray, 2004)
brightblack morning light - true bright blossom (ala.cali.tucky, 2004)
klute - hidden hand (no one's listening anymore, 2004)
50 foot wave - long painting (s/t, 2004)
the black keys - act nice and gentle (rubber factory, 2004)
comets on fire - pussy foot the duke (blue cathedral, 2004)
matthieu malon une dispute en août (les jours sont comptés, 2004)
arthur russell - calling on kids (walter gibbons remix - calling out of context, 2004)
the dead science - film strip collage(bird bones in the bughouse, 2004)
wovenhand - tin finger (consider the birds, 2004)
electrelane - oh sombra (john peel session, 2004)

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