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Dec 6, 2023

s858- episode 858

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

anika pyle - windy city (wild river, 2021)
lighthouse all stars - lady jean (1955)
tarta relena, john talabot -d'ençà (pack pro nobis, 2022)
hey colossus - a trembling rose (dances/curses, 2020)
!!! -let it be blue (let it be blue, 2022)
sofia kourtesis - si te portas bonito (madres, 2023)
dreadzone - cretan skank (dubwiser vol.1)
claire welles -intention ((package holiday, 2022)
institut - comme un coach en éveil de conscience (l'effet waouh des zones côtières, 2021)
pam risourié - the cities in my head (so be it eternity, 2021)
julien ledru - tender life (mellowtone valley, 2023)
laura cannell, kate ellis - french danse (winter ritual ep, 2020)
big blood - shine bright like a star (fight for your dinner II, 2021)
dominique A - sols d'automne (vie étrange, 2020)
the wedding present - crawl (locked down and stripped back - 2021)
low - days like these (hey what, 2021)
soundwalk collective - the age of mutation w/ charlotte gainsbourg feat paul b. preciado (lovotic, 2022)
lotic - emergency (water, 2021)
nathan roche - opium (spasmes du hasard - 2021)

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