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Feb 5, 2022

s826- episode 826

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

i n p e r f e ct di so rd er -
operation rhino/- improvisation 1 suite extrait // nurse with wound cruisin' for a bruisin' extrait + velvet underground - beginning to see the light henry cow - udine >l. voag - hall < krokodil - stehaufmadchen >//>david cunningham - guitar systemised */// ilitch- micik for brokenpedalboard +  zweistein point /// orchid spongiafora short piece // pôle kotrill negativland 14 this heat 24 track loop roger doyle extrabit mars tunnel le forte four - diorama I yahowa 13 because krokodil sunlight beautiful daughter hairy chapter as we crossed over forklad gudd after our's lawrence weiner nico nibelungen han bennink nerve beats jean cohen solal memoire d'un ventricule claudio rocchi zen season seesselberg phönix marc almond>michael cashmore the lunatic lover can - bring me coffee or tea gila< - kontakt debris witness zammla mammaz manna - timlig ar du boyd rice untitled

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