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May 1, 2020

s732 - episode 732

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"tout le monde sait où"
"cette route nous mène..."

nina nastasia - why don't you stay home (john peel session 01.05.2003)
arrom x kaiar - doubt (truce - 2020, provenance)
open to the sea - uninvited ghost (another year is over, let's wait for spring - 2020, grey sparkle)
delphine dora - vie et mort s'entrelacent (mystères (non) révélés 2020)
svitlana nianio - I am rolling the carpets (kytitsi - 1999, koka)
taj makki - ma arfeen nagool shino! (two niles sing a melody - 2018, ostinato)
his name is alive - from the night tape (return to never - 2020, disciples)
two or the dragon - prelude for the triumphant man (anthology of electroacoustic lebanese music - 2019, unexplained sounds)
buck curran - war behind the sun (no love is sorrow - 2020, obsolete)
lucy gooch - stalagmites and helictites (rushing - 2020, past inside the present)
thomas ragsdale - white gate (honley civic archives vol.2 - 2019, soundtracking the void)
abdellah m. hassak - yearnings complacency (feat. aziz nadif) (anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent - 2019, unexplained sounds)
this one tree - how slow the wind (how slow the wind EP - 2020, music from the masses)
hilary woods - orange tree (birthmarks - 2020, sacred bones)
yani martinelli - birthdays (astral - 2020, fox food)
werefrogs - don't slip away (john peel session 01.05.1992)

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