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Jul 30, 2015


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"We will live our stupid dream

coin-op - the make up (peel session 30.07.2002)
blue angel - sweaty belly
the fall - white lightning
ausmuteants - kicked in the head by a horse
the jaz - put the squeeze on 'em
adelking farmer/bass culture players - youthman
yeah yeah noh - crimplene seed lifestyle
ponctuation - météo
zig zags - sunken city (live on KXLU 88.9)
hurula - var min dröm
big quiet - maura & dana
little walter - juke
bugs and rats - boys are dumb
cocteau twins - blind dumb deaf
the lavender faction - ride
male gaze - early surgeon
keith hudson - blood brother
liebe ist cool - du und dich
coakira - max return
you've got foetus on your breath - wash it all off
psychedelic furs - fall (peel session 30.07.1979)

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