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Apr 23, 2015


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"Now we are all a little insane
And life can never be the same"

monochrome set - love zombies (peel session 23.04.1980)
doradoe - annabelle
candy - sleeping till the weekend
eyeless in gaza - clear cut apparently
the english beat - rough rider
monoconics - such a shame (about you)
johnny osbourne - mr politician
mon doux saigneur - ici-bas
the vapors - cold war
the pop group - feed the hungry
capital letters - fire
h.t spliff - twentieth century
iganda - slow down
forests - little god
lakefight - part II
rockwell family dinner - she's a rockwell portrait
the fall - fit & working again
monochrome set - apocalypso (peel session 23.04.1980)

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